Artificial intelligence

Decision making based on incomplete data, machine learning, image recognition, games automation, bots


Data analysis

Anomalies detection, fraud detection, early stage alerts on certain symptoms


Dedicated software

CRM systems, ERP systems, worktime optimalisation, risk assessment, decision systems



Exemplary tools based on blockchain engines (Chain, Multichain, Hyperledger, Ethereum), dedicated solutions with undeniable, fraud-proof record for every business


Mobile apps

We develop apps for iOS, Android



Building automation, image recognition, integration with machine learning algorithms, granular materials protection system

Our selected realizations


Management staff decision making support software. The solution dedicated for companies eager to manage complex business processes the most optimized manner:

  • production planning and allocation of manpower based on overriding parameter of the highest profitability of an order
  • monitoring the efficiency of production processes, alerts
  • analytical reports based on data collected by the company (big data technology)
  • settlement efficiency and productivity of employees / teams / squads
  • module for sales teams management
  • Business Intelligence - dedicated and business-specific modules for business analysis in a global perspective: comprehensive settlement of the implemented projects profitability
  • cashflow monitoring
  • financial fraud detection algorithms

Digital durable medium

Blockchain - based, our in-house-developed technology is a brand new quality in terms of securing all sorts of electronic transactions. The implementation of our solution brings the following advantages:

  • Vast savings coming from replacement of the paper mailing with its electronic equivalent. It also applies to bye-laws amendments, electronics transactions etc. (the last erroneous mailing of 19 millions letters by the Social Security has been the perfect illustration how expensive such an operation can be!).
  • No means to counterfeit the mail.

Recommendation system enriched with rebates, loyalty and gamification. It helps the merchants to optimize their marketing budgets.

The app has the internal wallet. It enables P2P transactions and contactless payments (Android Pay, Apple Pay).

Machine learning algorithm adjusts the user screens content basing on their individual behavior, preferences geolocation and friends list.

The uniqueness of this solution is based on:

  • the use of recommendations as the basic content adjustment mechanism
  • the option for the instant capitalisation of rebates received


MedVocation is a mobile app integrated with WWW website for physicians, nurses and other medical professionals from around the world.

MedVocation is the tool of choice for the people searching for trainings and jobs throughout the country and abroad.


An IT system to optimize the operation of HVAC installations. It guarantees savings in consumption of electric energy and other energy carriers.

Imperius cooperates with the building automation infrastructure and measuring devices. It collects and analyzes data on a building operations to optimize the consumption of energy and energy carriers.

Home Profit

Rebate club supporting system based on, dedicated for new homeowners who need to renovate and furnish up.

Each client shall spend approximately €50,000 within next 6 months - Home Profit allows to save up to 20% of that monies.

Risk assessment system

Quantitative risk assessment system.

Thanks to the quantitative approach to risk assessment, it gives teams and security professionals the ability to manage risk levels in their organizations.

  • Audits outcomes are comparable.
  • The plans to minimize risk are designed to better protect the organization's teleinformation systems.

Other projects

  • Aggregation and analysis of BMS data for Promar
  • Optimization of drivers' work for MPK
  • Learning algorithms and neural network optimizing fuel delivery
  • Data analysis and statistical reports for the National Poultry Council
  • Mobile application and website for a smart home solution
  • User interfaces and hardware layer for Fibaro


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